Accurate data, reduction of costs and operator time by 70%, reduction of time to market, are some of the main advantages that Novy, a Belgian luxury appliance company, can benefit thanks to the Airflow Test Bench of 3P Engineering. «Before using 3P Airflow Test Bench, every data point was manually collected and the operator spent about 4 hours to measure a range hood completely. Today, the operator only has to connect the range hood with the test bench, set the correct parameters and press START. The operator's time is now 30 minutes», explained Henk Huisseune, Novy's Innovation Director. «All products which have been developed since then are tested with 3P’s Test Bench. This applies both prototypes during develop¬ment and the final industrialized product. The system is also used for the random measurements re¬lated to quality control on devic-es from production. This is how we guarantee the high-quality of our products». Find out more

3P Engineering carries out all indispensable tests for the energy label of hoods, ovens and hobs for the professional catering sector, permitting manufacturing companies to reduce drastically the times and costs of the tests provided for by the Directives 2010/30/ EU, EU 65/2014, of the tests according to IEC/EN 61591and of conformity tests in compliance with Directive RoHS 2011/65/UE. Interesting advantages also for the companies of the Vending machine sector, growing and paying increasing attention to safety and quality, for which it is possible to carry out reliability tests and transport/packaging tests by means of the Clamp & Drop test bench. Find out more

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