Key partner for Research & Product Development challenges, 3P Engineering is the best solution to integrate a complete outsourcing service, to develop new products, starting from an idea or improving performance and characteristics of an existing product or service.
3P Engineering carries out anteriority and benchmarking studies, and manages the activities necessary to get licenses, managing researches relating to patents and intellectual property. CAD models, FEM structural simulations and thermo-fluid dynamics CFD are obtained through state of the art software to select virtual prototypes quickly. Concept and outline are transformed into models within an evolved virtual environment, able to reproduce the functioning and the real use of the prototype, for an engineering development of maximum precision.

Complete process

3P Engineering develops the complete engineering process with an Open Innovation approach, from concept to virtual and functional prototyping, until the formalization of expert models.

Unique Partner

Design, simulation, prototyping and testing, offering versatility and customization of products and services.
3P Engineering develops projects for companies of any industrial market that want to benefit of outsourcing services, with the advantage of relying on a unique partner able to provide quality advice at every stage of product development.


The idea of a new product or the evolution of an existing good or service is just the beginning. To understand when an idea can originate true innovation, the current and potential competition is studied, in order not to risk generating solutions already existing and registered. 3P Engineering deepens and defines the original idea in concrete contexts, through analysis of the characteristics with similar products and tests conducted in its accredited Testing Laboratory. This stage is a the first step of an innovation path.

State of the art and copyright research
Comparative testing and ranking of products in the market
Concept generation


After defining the idea, concept are transformed into models within evolved virtual environments, able to simulate the functioning of the new product. Thanks to the most advanced industry software and 3P Engineering distinctive knowhow, we are able to quickly select models that become virtual prototypes, using multi-using multi-physics simulations.

• CAD, Surface and solid modeling
FEM, Structural simulation
CFD, Thermo fluid


Every time the simulations confirm the innovative value of the concept, 3P Engineering is able to build complete functional prototypes. 3P Engineering manages the entire process of functional prototyping including: the integration of the most modern CAD / CAM /CNC and rapid tooling technologies; realization of electronic boards, hardware and assembly; development of control and feedback software; tests in 3P Engineering accredited Testing Laboratory.

• Mechatronic prototyping
• DOE & Optimization
• Rapid tooling
• Pre-series


From the result of the study process and the prototype testing, 3P Engineering gets a calculation algorithm able to describe mathematically the functioning of the engineered product. The developed algorithm is converted into firmware on acquisition and control systems, optimized on simulation systems and configured at the product level for group of articles on PDM.

• Algorithm
• Data acquisition and real time control development
• System simulation
• Product


R & D Knowledge Company, 3P Engineering has developed thirty-one industrial invention patents (twenty-one patents for our customers), in several product markets and industrial fields, including household appliances, renewable energy, combustion processes and Oil & Gas.
• Premixed gas burners for gas cooktops
• Control systems for domestic burners
• Biomass waste-to-energy
• Combustor for biomass treatment
• System for the treatment of combustion products
• Ventilation and fan systems for range hoods
• Components of washer-dryer for the drying cycle
• Electric fans for gas boilers
• Mixing and combustion systems for gas boilers

• Diagnosis and prevention systems of valve leaks
• Construction solutions for multi-port valves
• Construction solutions for control valves
• Concentrated photovoltaic modules and related solutions for tracking systems
• Control systems for an array of solar trackers

European Projects

Eight patents owned by 3P Engineering in the cooking market to develop the M-Stekio project, chosen by the European Commission for innovative scope. Two patents filed by 3P Engineering for the biomass and combustion products treatment for the European Life-Chimera project.

Revolutionary technology for gas cooktop, with premix burners (rapid, semi-rapid, auxiliary) and digital native control of the flame power. The European project M-Stekio has given rise to Burnerway, the perfect solution for kitchen of campers, caravans and yachts (COSME Programme). It stands out for technological innovation and unique design, allowing greater energy autonomy, better efficiency and lesser cooking time.

Innovative plant for the poultry sector, Chimera transforms the chicken manure into fertilizer, and thermal and electric energy for the company, according to the circular economy. Cost reduction and clean-energy are the main goals of Chimera which allows to eliminate the phases of storage and transport of the chicken manure, in a limited size plant, working at continuous cycle.
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