As an engineering company with a complete range of products and services according to “Industry 4.0”, 3P Engineering is an innovative SME.
3P stands out for its cutting edge know-how and competences, developed through four Business Units: Testing Laboratory, Test Bench, Product Development, and Pre-Series. Research and passion are the key ingredients that drive 3P every day, through a toolkit of scientific knowledge and equipment consistent with the most advanced technological frontier, translating competitive skills into Hi-Tech advisory.

Every day 3P Engineering faces challenges related to technological changes thanks to the ability to transfer its sophisticated skills of applied research, in competitive advantages for customers and partners, according to the “Open Innovation” paradigm. A pioneer of progress, the 3P Engineering Team develops advanced solutions under the highest quality system, through a certified management system and laboratories accredited by Accredia. Selected by the European Commission for innovative scope, 3P European Projects constitute the top of the “made in Italy” engineering. Also in partnership with Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH), every day 3P studies and identifies new development opportunities, best practices, and guessing specific needs to translate them into cutting-edge solutions.


Conceive with imagination, design with passion: perfect what exists, develop advanced products, create innovative business models.
Sophisticated know-how, state-of-the-art hard skills and facilities to provide industry with the Excellence of technical and technological support.


We create continuous technological Innovation for Sustainable Development, through projects and solutions that perform Progress.


3P Engineering was founded in 2002 in Ancona, in the Marche Region, in the East Coast of Italy, winning the “E-capital” Business Competition as an innovative engineering company. The birth of 3P represented the start of the first metallurgical laboratory of the Marche Region.

3P changed its Headquarters to Chiaravalle, launching the thermo-fluid dynamics and electrical divisions in the Testing Laboratory Business Unit. The engineering capacity of 3P leads to the creation of the first Test Benches to perform a high number of tests. The offer of the company is enhanced with simulations able to “virtualize” the product development path, thus giving life to the Product Development Business Unit.

3P started the Combustion Testing Laboratory and the development of software applications

3P’s range of solutions was further extended with the introduction of Mechanical work, through multitasking work centers, with plastic molding and heat treatment. 3P also won the regional financing for the “Active Shell” project aimed at creating an active shell for the energy requalification of commercial and industrial facilities in zero impact buildings, in Temporary Business Association (ATI) with other companies of the Marche Region. In addition, a new achievement for 3P that won a financial award for the “Green Breeze” project with two companies of the Marche Region. The new project was dedicated to the household appliance market, for the development of an innovative air movement system for reducing energy consumption and environmental sustainability of air suction and cleaning products.

3P established a strategic partnership, becoming a subsidiary (50%) of the Dafram group, the international leader in the Oil & Gas market and in the production of valves. In the same year, 3P opened a branch office in Urbisaglia, specifically dedicated to the Oil & Gas sector, where 3P also dealt with Research & Development for Dafram, thanks to its excellent know-how. Furthermore, 3P established its leadership of skills dedicated to household appliances with “Trik-Eko”, a project for the fulfillment of an innovative kitchen with free installation, high energy efficiency and low environmental impact, in Temporary Association of Purpose (ATS ) with leading companies in the market. In the same year, 3P participated at the national project “Trasparente -Transparent, Assistive Network Technologies in Support of Projects of Secondary Autonomy in the Third Age”- , to develop platforms of integration, dedicated to the active aging and the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). The purpose was to create an “intelligent home” for an active and independent longevity of the elderly. The project was specifically aimed at the domotics and telemedicine; it was achieved with companies of national importance and in collaboration with the “Università Politecnica delle Marche”, and the “Università degli Studi di Camerino”.

3P affirmed its leadership in the “Cooking” product market, winning a regional tender with the “Wider” research project, aimed at developing an innovative free standing cooktop.

3P Engineering received the accreditation of its Testing Laboratory according to UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005, by Accredia, the only Italian body authorized to recognize and accredit laboratories, to guarantee that tests are internationally recognized, thanks to the mutual agreement among all the National Accreditation Bodies in more than 36 countries worldwide. In the same year, 3P strengthened its offer, starting the Testing Laboratory also for the polymer division. Finally, 3P developed with the Dafram the Control Valve Sizing (CVS) web platform, based on IEC 60534, an international standard for industrial valves control processes, a key tool for engineering companies and Oil & Gas industry. 3P was selected for a new financial award for the “E-festo” project, to develop an innovative gas cooktop with high efficiency fan and burners, through a strategic network of partners.

Double European success for 3P that was chosen by the European Commission to develop two particularly innovative projects: “Chi.m.e.ra- CHIckens Manure Exploitation and RevAluation project”, that is going to revolutionize the poultry market; and M-Stekio, a new technology for gas cooktop, innovative in concept and design too. At national level, 3P was selected for “Brevetti+ and Brevetti + 2”, a project aimed at protecting patents and trademarks, to enhance Research results in the Green and Renewable energy. 3P also received two important awards, the “Rotary Prize”, a recognition for the skills of innovation and business dynamism, and the “Premio Valore Lavoro”, for its good entrepreneurship in the Marche Region, as 3P created development opportunities. In 2016 3P also obtained the extension of accreditation by Accredia, to chemical analysis of the Testing Laboratory.

3P Engineering celebrated its first fifteen years in the market, and got an international achievement: it was the only company in Europe to obtain the accreditation according to the international standard ISO / IEC 17025, to check the Fluid Dynamic Efficiency (FDE) of the fans, guaranteeing the exact class of consumption for the Energy Efficiency Label (EEL). In addition, the Testing Laboratory received the extension by Accredia, with the addition of performance tests of fans and cooker hoods. 3P’s range of products and services was also expanded, with the new Business Unit “Pre-Series”, to produce guaranteed quality prototypes and micro production. In 2017, 3P also received the “Seal of Excellence” by the European Commission, for “Zero-Fowl”, a new project dedicated to the poultry sector, and linked to the distribution process of 3P European Project “Chimera”.
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