The future of gas hob? The M-Stekio/Burnerway

The magazine IBI, International Boat Industry has dedicated an article to M-Stekio, a project designed by 3P Engineering, in the "Galley Design & Equipment" reportage that highlight the new trends that characterize the kitchen onboard. Supported by the European Commission for its innovative scope (GA. 733513), M-Stekio is a revolutionary technology - 8 registered patents by 3P Engineering - enclosed in a new gas cooktop burner, whose market name will be "Burnerway" . The aesthetic design is developed by the “Politecnico di Milano”: it is characterized by the height of the grids reduced by 50% compared to the standard cooktops, and for the "squircle" shape. M-Stekio / Burnerway makes unique yacht kitchens and represents the future of gas cooktops, as in the headlin of the IBI article. The 400w central flame, which can also accommodate pots with a minimum diameter like the “Moka”, contributes to make M-Stekio / Burnerway the most innovative solution in the overview of new onboard kitchens, characterized by made in Italy style and high technology. Greater energy autonomy thanks to savings in cooking time (- 20%) and lower CO2 emissions (-10%), are other distinguishing features of M-Stekio / Burnerway, which is introducing for the first time on the market at Metstrade, in Amsterdam, 13-15 November 2018, at the 3P Engineering stand 7.248.
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