M-Stekio Final Workshop: a new success for the technologic innovation by 3P Engineering exalted by the design of "Politecnico di Milano"

Innovative, practical and modular: these are the most voted adjectives to describe M-Stekio, as emerged at the final workshop of the European project, successfully presented by 3P Engineering, to industrial designers, architects and business partners. As a revolutionary technology for gas cooktops M-Stekio has been chosen by the European Commission for its innovative scope (COSME Programme, GA No. 733513): it stands out for its 8 patents of industrial invention. The technologic innovation is enhanced by the design developed in collaboration with professors of the Politecnico di Milano, in the top ten of international academic industrial design. At the workshop, Politecnico di Milano has presented the aesthetic concept and the final mockups of the M-Stekio cooktops, from which the new Burnerway burner was born, and that will be presented at Metstrade, in Amsterdam, 13-15 November 2018, booth 7.248. The M-Stekio flexible configuration of the gas cooktop with 2, 3 or 4 identical burners and the presence of the maximum choice of flame power levels (auxiliary, semi-rapid, rapid) in the same cooker are the characteristics that have raised more interest among the participants at the final workshop. Based on the evaluation questionnaire submitted at the event, M-Stekio has received a final judgment between excellent and very good for its revolutionary characteristics.

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