M-Stekio / Burnerway: the first gas cooktop with digital control and the Raspberry technology

The M-Stekio project has been presented as a successful application of the Raspberry technology at "Raspberry PI, from prototyping to industrialization", the event organized by Farnell, on 25th October in Fermo, at the Miti - Museum of Innovation and Industrial Technology: M-Stekio is the first cooktop in the gas market with digital native control for managing the Human Machine Interface - HMI.
Selected by the European Commission for its innovative scope (Cosme Programme, GA n.733513), M-Stekio revolutionizes the gas cooktop market with a completely new technology, based on eight registered patents of industrial invention. Configurable with both traditional knobs and touch screen, the digital control that carachterizes M-Stekio, allows you to fine-tune cooking modes and times with the utmost precision. The M-Stekio European project is going to be presented internationally – with the Burnerway brand - at Metstrade, Amsterdam, 13-15 November, booth 7.248.

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