M-Stekio/Burnerway on “Corriere della Sera Innovazione”

Reducing energy and environmental waste, design, and digital control by touch screen are the main key factors highlighted in the article that the Italian newspaper Corriere Innovazione” has dedicated to Burnerway developed by 3P Engineering. With an innovative burner based on 8 industrial invention patents and over ten years experience of 3P Engineering in gas technology, Burnerway was born thanks to the M-Stekio project, chosen by the European Commission for its innovative scope (COSME Programme, GA 733513). Several configurations of Burnerway are possible, whose modern design has been realized in collaboration with “Politecnico di Milano”. Burnerway is part of the 3P Cooking project which 3P Engineering is developing in the name of technological and aesthetic progress, in the gas cooktop market. Find out more.

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