M-Stekio/Burnerway: “Burning idea”

A new service dedicated to M-Stekio published in the magazine "Nautech, Yacht, Superyacht, Technologies and Design", that highlight one of the concept design of the cooktop that 3P Engineering has developed in collaboration with the “Politecnico di Milano”, in the worldwide top ten universities for industrial design. Selected by the European Commission for its disruptive impact (Cosme Programme, GA n. 733513), the European project M-Stekio has allowed to create the revolutionary burner called “Burnerway”, whose technology is based on 8 industrial invention patents by 3P Engineering. Burnerway will be presented internationally at Metstrade, Amsterdam, November 13-15, booth 7.248.
Contact us for more information or to make an appointment at Metstrade.


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