Life Chimera Project: 3P Engineering presents the first results

3P Engineering has organized the event "Life Chimera Project: the first results" at the Hotel Concorde, via Aspio Terme 191, in Camerano (Ancona, Italy), on Thursday 17 May at 9:30 am to show the important results obtained by the Chimera prototypes, the innovative pilot plants for chicken manure valorization. A visit to the pilot plants already installed at the Fileni (Osimo, Ancona, Italy) and Lorenzetti (Castelfidardo, Ancona, Italy) farms is foreseen. Selected by the European Commission for its innovation, Chimera (LIFE CHIMERA - CHIckens Manure Exploitation and RevAluation project) not only optimizes the costs of management and pollution produced by chicken manure, but manages to transform it into fertilizer and thermal and electrical energy, for the sustenance of the company, according to the circular economy paradigm.
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