A leading company in the industrial sector of boilers for hot and cold water, with an experience of over forty years and a turnover of around 20 million euros, TML Industrie Loddo has made use of the Industry 4.0 skills of 3P Engineering, to create a strategic network of interconnection, modernizing and speeding up production processes, to obtain a cost advantage by increasing productivity and the production quality of the plants. 3D modeling systems, welding machines, bending machines, pickling booths, lathe: each asset has been interconnected with the factory logistics system, with an efficiency gain and taking advantage of the tax benefits provided under I4.0. Thanks to the interconnection among the various machines, today for TML Industrie Loddo it is possible to verify in real time, in an empirical way, a series of data that have made it possible to optimize the management of resources, reducing production costs. The positive consequences were recorded in terms of volumes and increase in production capacity (+ 10%). In addition, the interconnected machinery is linked to the entire production cycle so it was also possible to reduce the time to market. Find out more

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