Household Appliances Parts & Components and the new Capture Efficiency method by 3P Engineering

First company in the world to have developed a new method to measure the capacity of kitchen hoods to prevent -and not simply capture- the spread of pollutants and odors during cooking, 3P Engineering is the protagonist of a new press article in the international magazine Household Appliances Parts & Components by Tecniche Nuove.
Capture Efficiency tests developed by 3P Engineering represent an absolutely new standard, so much that the multinational furniture leader has entrusted 3P Engineering with Capture Efficiency tests on its hoods. Through numerical and quantifiable values, 3P Engineering has demonstrated that the uptake efficiency of the hood is decisive for the IAQ, Indoor Air Quality, of the domestic environment. So far, the evaluation of the performance of a hood has focused on the value of the volumetric flow, considering the amount of air drawn in from the kitchen and evacuated to the outside; now, with the measure of the capture efficiency, 3P Engineering evolves the hood evaluation prospect.
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