HA Household Appliances Parts & Components and the Test Benches by 3P Engineering

The international magazine “HA Household Appliances Parts & Components” (March 2018 edition), has dedicated an article to the Test Benches of 3P Engineering, highlighting how in the household appliance market, state-of-the-art test benches allow executing reliability tests and line-end controls - starting from the energy efficiency- while drastically reducing times and costs borne by manufacturers. Either as standard products or specifically implemented according to customers’ standards, the test benches produced by 3P Engineering are high-tech forefront systems in compliance with the “Industry 4.0” trend for test & measurement. Equipped with the “3P Labware” software, specifically developed by 3P and available on all test benches, the test benches by 3P Engineering can be accredited (i.e. provided with all necessary documentation to receive Accredia approval autonomously. They are also ergonomic and automated, coupling the highest result precision with the 80% saving of test and operator’s time, thanks to performance reports at the test end, automatically. 3P offers a broad range of test benches, from the systems for reliability and line end tests to the systems purposely manufactured for transport and packaging, encompassing the products intended for Cooking and custom systems, too.
Find out the complete range of 3P engineering test benches.

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