HA Factory: 3P Engineering and Elica for the uptake efficiency

Numerical values that quantify the percentage of fumes, steams and pollutants sucked, to prevent their diffusion in the domestic environment: the assessment of the hood uptake efficiency is already possible. 3P Engineering has developed a unique method, working in synergy with the main sector players like Elica world leader in the hood market. In the new article of HA Factory Francesco Magrini, EPL Laboratory Manager of Elica, and Rosalino Usci, co-Ceo of 3P Engineering with Michele Marcantoni, highlight that the uptake efficiency of a hood offers a better product for minimizing energy consumption and noise and achieving healthier air inside the kitchen. Benefits for hood manufacturers s too, that can stand out from their competitors offering end users to choose the product with the best performance, balancing energy consumption, aesthetics and the real suction capacity of fumes, smells and steams. Find out more

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