Energy Efficiency and 3P on "la Repubblica"

Innovation for sustainable development: 3P Engineering presents an overview of solutions for Energy Efficiency on “la Repubblica”, one of the most important Italian newspaper. In the foreground, the new cooktop projects that 3P is developing and which guarantee energy savings and optimized performances: M-Stekio, already chosen by the European Commission for its innovation, and E-Festo, a further proposal by 3P, which incorporates an innovative patented 3P technology on stoichiometric combustion, like M-Stekio. 3P also highlights the services offered in the household appliances through its Business Units Testing Laboratory and Test Bench, which allow companies to get the energy efficiency label in complete autonomy, cutting the time and costs of the tests prescribed by the 2010 Directives / 30 / EU, EU 65/2014 and the IEC 61591 standard, with the possibility of accrediting the test according to UNI / EN / ISO / IEC 17025.

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