E-FESTO chosen for RAR 2019

A new success for “E-FESTO” Extra-Flux stoichiomEtric gaS burner cookTOp developed by 3P Engineering: the project has been selected as best practice and presented at the RAR 2019 (Trieste, 7-8 November 2019), the Annual meeting review between the European Commission, the Central Administrations and the Managing Authorities ESF, ERDF, EAFRD and EMFF. The Marche Region has contributed to the development of 3P Engineering new  technology based on 8 patents, for energy-efficient burners for gas cooktops. The introduction on the market of this innovative gas burner will mark not only technological but also aesthetic progress compared to existing products. E-FESTO project was carried out by 3P Engineering (leader) with other companies and research organizations, including the “Università Politecnica delle Marche”. Find out more

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