3P Engineering project for the industrialization of the new gas burner continues

(8 patents filed) as part of E-FESTO 4.0 (Extra-Flux stoichiomEtric gaS burner cookTOp) - Industrialization of components for stoichiometric gas burners Project financed by POR MARCHE FESR 2014 2020 AXIS 1 OS 1 ACTION 1.2 Call for applications 2017. The objective is to allow the transition from the engineering phase to the entry of technological innovation on the market. Thanks to the in-depth analysis that, from the start of the call, the highly qualified resources of 3P Engineering have dedicated to the project (Ph.D specialized engineers), a highly efficient engineering optimization of the entire industrialization cycle has been pursued on the product development, with advantages in terms of reducing time to market and maximizing the cost-benefit ratio, streamlining support activities and simplifying the management of the primary activities of the value chain.

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