Discover the benefits of the Grease Test Bench

It carries out tests for the measurement of the Grease Absorption Factor (GF) of IEC 61591, EN 61591 kitchen hoods testing the grease filtering efficiency: in the Grease Test Bench by 3P Engineering, it is possible to install wall-mounted, isle and downdraft hoods up to 180 cm of width and suction hobs. Integrated system developed according to Industry 4.0, the Bench is equipped with “3P Labware” software, interactive suite that makes work more efficient, enabling the 80% saving of the operator’s time. The Grease Test Bench is one of 3P Engineering's solutions for the range hood market, with the Flow Test Bench, the Noise Test Benches and the Multifunction Chamber (Odors, Light, Capture Efficiency).

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