The total disposal of the chicken manure: CHIMERA on “Hi-Tech Ambiente”

A new service dedicated to the Chimera project -CHIckens Manure Exploitation and RevAluation – has been published in the monthly Hi-Tech Ambiente. The article describes how the plant that 3P Engineering is developing and selected by the European Commission for its innovative scope (LIFE15 ENV / IT / 000631 ), will make it possible to get thermal and electrical energy as well as fertilizer. The heart of innovation is in the burner which allows a new combustion process (based on two industrial invention patents) and which will revolutionize the chicken manure management process. Two CHIMERA prototypes have already been installed in Italy, in order to test the validity of 3P Engineering technology both in broiler farms and in egg production laying hen farms. In the coming months, a new pilot plant will be installed in the Netherlands, at the poultry farm Renders & Renders, 3P Engineering partner in the European project Life-Chimera. Find out more

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