"CHIMERA" CHIckens Manure Exploitation and RevAluation has been presented at the Sardinia Symposium 2019 (Cagliari, 30 September – 4 October), the international event on solid waste management, with a focus on the quality of the fertilizer obtained from the combustion process of chicken manure and developed by 3P Engineering, based on two industrial invention patents. At the Sardinia Symposium 2019, the project, chosen by the European Commission (LIFE15 ENV / IT / 000631), has been part of the theme "Heat treatments and advanced conversion technologies - Existing technologies and experiences; new technologies; production and use of quality RDFs; emission control; waste treatment; management and use of combustion ashes ”. A particular interest was raised for the workshop on the management of animal waste and for the session dedicated to the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) analysis in production process. With regards to the LCA, the study for CHIMERA are proceeding with reference to the environmental impact of the material used for the construction of the plant and the fertilizer produced; then, the analysis of the emissions will be analyzed as well as the energy consumed and generated, and the input output elements of the ecosystem. Find out more

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