Chimera on the Italian daily “Avvenire” : innovation by 3P Engineering for the chicken manure disposal process

The new project Chimera by 3P Engineering is the protagonist of a new article in the Italian daily “Avvenire”, thanks to its innovative ability to transform chicken manure into clean energy and fertilizer. Chimera represents an evolution in the process of chicken manure disposal, that contains harmful elements for the environment: today farmers must proceed with its storage and transport with a significant cost, about two billion euros a year in the European countries, as pointed out in the article published in “Avvenire”. Chimera has been selected by the European Commission for its innovative scope in the Life programme, also considering that the environmental impact of chicken manure in the European Union is 25 million tons of greenhouse gases and 100 thousand tons of heavy metals. The first two prototypes of Chimera have been installed in Italy, in the Marche region, and a new pilot plant will be installed in 2019 in the Noord-Brabant region, in Netherlands, at Renders&Renders Dutch farmer, partner of the Europen Project Life-Chimera.
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