A broad offer that is renewed in 2022: from Industry 4.0 services (e.g. appraisals as well as verifications of technical offers of management machinery and software, to assessments of compliance with I4.0 requirements) to the Testing Laboratory (ACCREDIA LAB N° 1537 L ISO/IEC 17025) and calibration tests, up to ad hoc Test Benches to cut on the times of a high number of tests. Find out all the advantages of 3P Engineering: highly qualified technical engineers, specialized in different kind of services and markets. Contact us for a consulting: start now to benefit of 2022 advantages.

From the metals Testing Laboratory up to polymers, until thermo-fluid Testing Laboratory, 3P Accredia Lab n. 1537 L, UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 allows to perform a complete range of analytical techniques for specific safety, reliability and compliance tests according to international standards (IEC/EN 61591 and RoHS Directive 2011/65/UE compliant). Advanced know-how, the best equipment and the utmost attention to the quality of the tests are the distinguishing features of 3P Testing Laboratory, thanks to its 20 year experience. Also permanent stations for measuring performance of active and passive components, including industrial electric fans, kitchen hoods, filters, suction boxes, ducts, regulating valves and liter counter are available. Contact us to discover the full range of our test service

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