Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from 3P ENGINEERING.

We inform you that our offices will be closed from 24th until 26th December 2021 and from 31st December until 7th January 2022.

The economic-financial newspaper Il Sole24Ore, absolute reference point for the sector, published an article dedicated to LIFE CHIMERA, the European project developed by 3P Engineering, whose title is "Manure disposal: the solution in the Marche". The article highlights how the LIFE project co-financed by CINEA - European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency European Commission - can be the green answer to the problem of chicken manure disposal for the poultry sector. Thanks to patents and technology developed by 3P Engineering, the article points out how CHIMERA reduces the impact of greenhouse gas emissions with an innovative combustion technique and allows to eliminate the management, transport and disposal costs of chicken manure, transforming the waste by-product into a product rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, thus becoming a natural fertilizer. There is a further advantage, moreover, measured by the School of Science and Technology team of the University of Camerino, led by Prof. Enrico Marcantoni: "Most of the models for disposal plants are quite expensive and require a high degree of maintenance, unlike the type of filter used for CHIMERA, a more efficient and economical solution, and above all more ecological ». Find out more

On Saturday 25 September 2021, a new event of 3P Engineering for a LIFE Networking meeting dedicated to CHIMERA, CHIckens Manure Exploitation and RevAluation - GA n. LIFE15 ENV/IT/000631, the project selected by the European Commission for its innovative scope, for the disposal of chicken manure according to an innovative process.

Thanks to the collaboration with LIFE POREM and SOIL4LIFE, 3P Engineering have organized the LIFE Networking meeting "Transforming waste into resources: virtuous examples of circular economy", in the fascinating setting of the “Castello Orsini Naro” in Mompeo (Rieti, Italy). The agenda includes a rich series of interventions and insights: from the circular economy and sustainability in the management of livestock waste, up to an in-depth study on European funding for the environment, as well as the presentation of the three LIFE projects. Find out the complete agenda. Limited places: contact us for info and subscriptions.

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