Capture Efficiency testing evolve range hoods and aspiration hobs performances

3P Engineering has developed a unique test protocol to measure the capture efficiency of hoods, downdrafts and induction cooktops with integrated hood. A groundbreaking method that allows hood and hob manufactures to get numerical quantifiable values and the real amount of fumes, odors and pollutants captured by their products, during cooking.
3P Engineering is able to ascertain the capture efficiency of cooking fume uptake of the integrated hood, thanks to the special tests that are carried out in its UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Testing Laboratory accredited by Accredia (n.1537 L), where international leader brands test their products. Several benefits for hood and hob manufactures as well as end-users descend by the new Capture Efficiency method that is going to evolve the household appliances market, in order to improve energy efficiency and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in kitchens, with lower noise at the same level of energy consumption. Find out more

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