3P Engineering is a new member of Confindustria Macerata

At the forefront of the services in compliance with the “Industry 4.0” programme, 3P Engineering has become a member of Confindustria Macerata, to strengthen the network of relations between local entrepreneurs and the aggregation of projects, to continuous interchange of ideas and information. The new collaboration of 3P Engineering with Confindustria Macerata focuses on soft loans/financing, and joint seminars related to mechanical works thanks to its experience in mechanical engineering, and finally on workshop about Testing Laboratory.
As the first metallurgical laboratory in the Marche Region, 3P Engineering is today the worldwide reference point for “Capture Efficiency” tests, and through its UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 accredited Testing Laboratory, it offers a complete range of solutions with an internal workshop for the realization of samples and the widest selection of tests, including custom tests. Already member of Confidustria Ancona since 2013, 3P is one of the most dynamic engineering companies in the Marche Region, to develop innovative technological solutions, such as the new projects selected by the European Commission, Chimera and M-Stekio.

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