3P Engineering at the "Laboratorio Agroalimentare 4.0"

Double presence of 3P Engineering at the “Laboratorio Agroalimentare 4.0”, first meeting organized by the Chambers of Commerce of Ancona and Fermo (Italy), in collaboration with the “Università Politecnica delle Marche”, in the context of the activities of the Digital Business Points. Thanks to the deep knowledge of the funding opportunities and tax incentives provided by the Chambers of Commerce, the Marche Region and the "4.0 Enterprise" Plan of the Ministry of Economic Development ", 3P Engineering contributes both in the" Smart Agrifood "area” and in the "Internet of farming" Laboratory 4.0, aimed at companies in the food supply chain, to encourage the use of services and technologies 4.0. The seminar is held on Thursday, April 12 from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm, at the Contamination Lab, at the Engineering Faculty based in Ancona. Laboratory 4.0 is the first of a series of meetings on new digital technologies 4.0 in the main economic sectors that will also cover crafts, commerce, tourism, construction: the goal is to provide businesses with the basic knowledge and operational tools necessary to start paths of technological innovation and implement new business, organizational and production models compliance "Industria 4.0", through professors of the Polytechnic University, best practices, moments of analysis and meeting with potential actors and suppliers of services and technologies , like 3P Engineering.

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