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3P Engineering offers an accredited and fast Testing Laboratory (n. 1537 L, UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025), at competitive prices. Equipped with an internal workshop for sample preparation, 3P stands out for its transversal skills concerning the widest choice of tests. 3P Engineering is able to provide tests on polymers, thermo-fluid, metals, and also special tests on customized requests. International leader for the capture efficiency testing, the 3P Engineering laboratory is the only one in Italy to be accredited for the measurement of FDE (IEC 61591:1997), to identify the class of consumption set in the Energy Efficiency Label. Thanks to its know-how in the Oil & Gas market, 3P is also one of the very few companies worldwide to perform valve tests. Equipped with an electronic scanning microscope, 3P Engineering is an Italian excellence for testing.



ASTM E290 ASTM D790 ASTM E190 ISO 7438 ISO 5173 ISO 178


US REG. 571.302 ISO 1210 ISO 9772 ISO 9773 ISO 3795 UL 94 ASTM D635 ASTM D3801 ASTM D5048 ASTM D4804 ASTM D9486 ASTM D5132


ASTM B117 ISO 9227 ASTM B287 ASTM B368 ASTM D1735 ASTM G85 MIL STD 883 UNI 8590 ISO 7523 CEI IEC 68-2-11 BS 3900 F9 BS 7479 DIN 50907 DIN 50021 DIN 40046


Miniaturized probes for acquisitions in not accessible areas, wired and wireless measurements solutions for: temperature from -196 to 800 [°C] velocity from 0.1 to 50 [m/s] pressure from 0.2 [Pa] at 160 [MPa] relative humidity from 0% to 100% pressure drop or gas trace diffusion with high resolution sensors Sound power levels and intensity determination […]


Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) with and without contact for complex surfaces and components’ tolerance and reverse-engineering Temperature tests from -196 to 800 [°C] even without contact (digital thermography) Laser triangulation for displacement, speed and acceleration detection systems with and without contact Resistive & IEPE wired and wireless stress-strain measurements


UNI 3137 UNI EN 10247 UNI 3244 UNI 3245 UNI EN 1321 UNI 11153-1 UNI 11153-2 UNI 11153-3 ISO 3887 ISO 2624 ISO 17639 ISO 643 ISO 1463 ISO 945-1 ISO 4967 ASTM E562 ASTM E1245 ASTM E45 ASTM A247 ASTM E112


ISO 6892-1 ISO 6892-2 ISO 4136 ISO 527-2 ASTM D638 ASTM E21 ASTM E8/E8M


UNI EN ISO 16810 UNI EN 10228-3 UNI EN 10228-4 UNI EN 12680-1 UNI EN ISO 17640


ISO 4892-2 ISO 11341 ISO 105 ISO 11431 SAE J2412 ASTM D7869 ASTM G155 AATCC PV1306 PV1303 VDA 75202


The accredited Testing Laboratory of 3P Engineering is able to provide reliable and internationally recognized results. Accreditation by Accredia guarantees the precise reference to sampling, analysis and measuring techniques, calibration methods and technical staff training procedures, thanks to the application of the most rigorous standards and strict verification criteria. Find out all the 3P Engineering tests accredited by Accredia, to guarantee the best quality offered by our Testing Laboratory.




Accredia is the only Italian body authorized to carry out recognition and accreditation activities for testing laboratories. It guarantees that the tests carried out are internationally valid, thanks to the mutual recognition agreement among the national accreditation bodies of more than 36 countries in the world. The accreditation procedure of the tests foresees that our Testing Laboratory is subjected to constant inspection and monitoring by Accredia: the test activities, the methods of management of the samples, of the measurement systems used, and the competences of the personnel are submitted to continuous verifications. The exams of Accredia demonstrate that 3P works according to international standards, and the specific requirements of each product market, to guarantee the best quality of our offer.

The ISO 17025: 2005 standard defines the “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”. All bodies that are signatories of mutual recognition agreements in the world base their opinion on compliance with ISO 17025: 2005. With the additional requirements of the accreditation body and with the national and international reference standards for carrying out laboratory tests, the ISO 17025: 2005 standard constitutes the normative framework for 3P Engineering Testing Laboratory to guarantee impartiality, independence, traceability of results, and reliability of data.

The unique Laboratory Testing in Europe accredited 17025 FDE (Fluid Dynamic Efficiency) to control the dynamic fluid performance of fans, and to guarantee companies the exact class of consumption for the Energy Efficiency Label.

Testing laboratory accredited for mechanical tests
– Environmental traction (ASTM E8/E8M – A370)
– Environmental and cryogenic resilience (ASTM A370 – E23)
– Brinell hardness (HBW), Rockwell (HRC) ASTM E10 – E18
– Microhardness and Vickers hardness (HV) (ASTM E384, ISO 6507)

Testing Laboratory accredited for corrosion tests
– Susceptibility to intergranular corrosion ASTM A262
– ASTM G28 intergranular corrosion
– Pitting ASTM G48
– Determination of the harmful intermetallic phases ASTM A923
– Manual and automatic ferrite counting ASTM E562 – E 1245

Testing Laboratory accredited to chemical analyzes
– ASTM E415 chemical analysis
– ASTM E1086 chemical analysis

Testing Laboratory accredited for measures of flow and prevalence
– Aeraulic performances of electric fans by means of multiple mouthpieces ISO 5801
– Flow measurement and prevalence of hoods IEC 61591 (chap.11)
– Volumetric flow rate, head and FDE (Fluid Dynamic Efficiency) IEC 61591

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Get the Energy Efficiency Label in a simple and fast way, thanks to the 3P Engineering experience. With the release of the UNI / EN / ISO / IEC 17025 test report, 3P performs all the necessary tests for the energy label of your products: find out our offer.

The only company in Europe to get accreditation according to international standard ISO / IEC 17025 to check the Fluid Dynamic Efficiency (FDE) of fans, 3P Engineering guarantees you the exact identification of the consumption class of your products, to be sure not to incur fines resulting from incorrect indication.

The 3P Engineering Testing Laboratory is able to perform all the tests necessary to get the Energy Efficiency Label with the release of the UNI / EN / ISO / IEC 17025 test report, offering cutting-edge know-how and technology:

Energy Efficiency Index (EEI)
In addition to the Fluid Dynamic Efficiency Test (FDE), 3P performs Flow, Pressure, Electric Power and Rpm (Revolutions Per Minute) carried out on 3P Test Bench by 3P Engineering and Accredia certified;

Grease Filtering Efficiency (GFE)
Fat absorption tests carried out on a specific 3P Test Bench, equipped with special filters for measuring the Grease Absorption Factor (GF) of cooker hoods IEC 61591;

Tests for the determination of the Odor Reduction Factor;


Lighting Efficiency (LE)

Contact us to receive customized advice for the Energy Efficiency Label, the 3P Engineering Team will support you for any questions.

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Choose the 3P Accredited Testing Laboratory: we offer the widest range of tests in the market for types of tests and materials, to answer any product market request not only with respect to regulations and standards, but also based on special test protocols, on customized needs. Contact us: 3P Engineering will offer you the Ad Hoc solution for your need.