The Test Benches of 3P Engineering are ergonomic and automatic systems, equipped with hardware and the high quality software 3P Labware. 3P Test Benches are technologically advanced products according to “Industry 4.0” for test & measurement, and fully customizable thanks to our internal R&D department. Essential to cut the costs and time of companies that perform a high number of product tests, 3P Test Benches are a strategic advantage for any company since the Research & Development stage.

As an R&D Knowledge Company, 3P combines the skills of a qualified industrial system integrator with the ability to interpret customer needs, translating them into a complete portfolio of advanced automated hardware and software systems, for the functional validation of products.

The Test Benches of 3P Engineering are strategic products not only in the validation phase, but also from the Research & Development stage, because they are able to test the characteristics of the prototype in evolution, in order to address the company to the best implementation of a new product. Already chosen from Europe to America by top international players, the 3P Test Benches incorporate technological know-how with the best operational knowledge because they are used daily by our accredited Testing Laboratory, to carry out tests for our customers. From the Test Benches dedicated to “Cooking”, to reliability and end-of-line test products, to systems designed specifically for transport and packaging, find out all the 3P Engineering Test Benches. And for any customized needs, contact us: our team will study the best solution for your needs.

Choose the 3P Test Benches to get the Energy Efficiency Label in the Household Appliance product market. With complete solutions dedicated to “Cooking”, 3P offers advanced systems able to carry out all the necessary tests for the energy label of hoods, ovens and cook-tops. Thanks to the 3P Test Benches, you can cut on time and cost of the tests prescribed by the Directives 2010/30 / EU, EU 65/2014 and by the IEC 61591 standard, with the possibility to accredit the test according to UNI / EN / ISO / IEC 17025. 3P Engineering tests its Test Benches every day through its Testing Laboratory, the only one in Europe to have got accreditation according to international standard ISO / IEC 17025 to check the Fluid Dynamic Efficiency (FDE) of the fans ensuring the exact identification of the consumption class of your products.

Energy Labeling: Test Benches for Hoods
Integrated systems that can be accredited by Accredia, the 3P Test Benches allow to affix the energy efficiency label to the Hoods through FDE, Flow, Pressure, Electric Power and RPM tests, in order to determine the Energy Efficiency EEIhood. Furthermore, the Grease Test Bench allows to perform fat absorption tests by measuring the Grease Absorption Factor (GF) of cooker hoods IEC 61591, testing Grease Filtering Efficiency (GFE). Through the 3P Benches it is also possible to carry out tests for the determination of the Odor Reduction Factor – Odor Reduction Factor (ORF); Noise, with evidence of the global Sound Power Level; Lighting Efficiency (LE).

Energy Labeling: Test Benches for Cooking Tables / Ovens
Test Benches accreditable by Accredia, allow you to affix the Energy Efficiency Label for both hobs and electric or gas ovens, as required by the 2010/30 / EU and EU 65/2014 Directives and according to IEC 60350 standards and EN 30. Integrated solutions able to evaluate cooking efficiency, combustion quality and safety of the devices, 3P Test Benches perform combustion and efficiency tests, emissions assessment, temperature measurements induced on surfaces and tests on work-stations, test for hobs and electric ovens.

Contact us to get the Energy Efficiency Label in a simple and fast way through the 3P Engineering Test Benches.

3P Labware is an advanced suite that makes your work faster and easier: with an interactive and user-friendly interface, it allows a significant gain in operator time efficiency. Developed according to the standards of “Industry 4.0”, 3P Labware can be customized according to the type of Test Bench where it is integrated – standard or custom -, with benefits in terms of costs, as the software could be used on all 3P Engineering Test Benches.

Banchi Prova per Cappe

Banchi Prova per Test Affidabilità

Banchi Prova per Test Fine Linea

Banchi Prova per Piani Cottura/Forni

Banchi Prova Custom


Performance test bench, to manually or automatically measure: volumetric airflow, pressure, electrical power and RPM’s; with efficiency curves’ interactive monitoring and immediate detection, according to ISO5801, IEC61591, AMCA210. Technical spec.: Air flow: 0 – 2400 (+/-1.5%) [Nm3/h] Pressure: -250 – +850 (+/-1.5) [Pa] Supply: 110-230 [V]: 50-60 [Hz] Versions: manual, semi-automatic, automatic Integrated software for […]


Technical spec.: Wall, island, downdraft range hoods up to 150 cm large Point of operation check: through inverter Backpressure: 0 – 250 (+/-0.2%) [Pa] Air flow: 0 – 1200 (+/-2.5%) [Nm3/h] Electric hob power: 1500 [W] Oil/water dosage: automatic (+/-0.1%) Precision Weighing Balances W.C. 36 [kg] +/-0.1[gr] Integrated software for acquisition and processing ILAC certified […]


Environment and instruments for range hoods’ Sound Power Level (Lwa) determination, with the following method: ISO 9614 intensimetric, conformal to IEC 60704 ISO 3743 reverberating Technical spec.: Silent or riverberant chamber Testing volume: 70-200 [m3] Sound intensity and pressure levels: 50 [Hz] – 16 [kHz] Integrated software for Lwa levels acquisition and processing CL.1 and […]


Multifunctional chamber for Odour Reduction Factor (ORF) on range hoods, according to IEC 61591. Multifunctional chamber for hob light effectiveness, according to IEC 61591. Technical spec.: Wall, island, downdraft range hoods up to 150 [cm] large H2O-MEK dosing: automatic Automatic MEK concentration measurement: 0-250 (+/-2.5) [ppm] Photometric Probe: 0.1 – 200000 [lux], Cl. B Captation […]


Workstations suitable to test domestic gas ovens, analyzing the burning efficiency. Detection of the exhausted gas composition by means of NDIR cells, evaluating CO, CO2, NOx and O2. Inducted temperature measurement on the surfaces. Test bench for electric ovens. Technical spec.: Thermical Power: up to 36 [kW] CO: 0 – 1000 [ppm] CO2: 0 – […]


Integrated test bench for clamp and drop tests according to ASTM D6055, EN 22248. Technical spec.: Packaging max dimensions: 1600 x 1200 x 1000 [mm] Strenght/Clamp control Payload: 120[kg] Dropping max height: 1500 [mm] Compressure strenght: 10000 [kgf] Shaker able to simulate the transport of packaged goods according to ASTM D4728-06, SRETS and BSH standards. […]


Accelerated age testing by means of software controlled on/off cycles, acquisition/recording of relevant data and automatic detection of faults. Testing can be also performed into climatic chambers, ovens or freezers, in order to test components usually subjected to high temperature gradients. Technical spec.: Channels: 4-6-8-12 (tested samples) Single channel power: up to 900 [W] AC […]


Workstations suitable to test domestic gas cooktops, analyzing the burning efficiency. Detection of the exhausted gas composition by means of NDIR cells, evaluating CO, CO2, NOx and O2. Inducted temperature measurement on the surfaces. Test bench for electrical cooking ranges. Technical spec.: Thermical Power:up to 12 [kW] CO: 0 – 1000 [ppm] CO2: 0 – […]


Instruments for the final inspection, the functional and electrical check on blowers by measuring and controlling specific electrical and mechanical parameters, based on the referred standards (EN 60335). Benches for the measurement of electrical motors perfomance: torque and output vs RPM, heating and lock rotor. Devices for the measurment of electrical motor’s vibrations and induced […]

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Find out the advantages of the 3P Engineering Test Benches, to drastically reduce the testing time and costs of your company. Choose highly evolved and completely customizable hardware and software systems: the best quality in the market guaranteed by sophisticated know-how and cutting-edge technology.

Autonomy in accreditation

3P Test Benches are equipped with all the necessary documentation to receive Accredia accreditation

Ergonomic systems

Up to 80% savings in operator and test time, thanks to automatic performance reports

3P Labware software

An user-friendly suite that is suitable on all 3P Engineering Test Benches


Functional verification with after-sales and calibration services

Test benches Reliability

Simultaneous tests for different functionalities and the possibility of performing cyclic tests with automatic failure detection

Product Development

Strategic systems in the R&D phase to adapt the characteristics of a new developing product in progress: contact us for a free consultation of our Product Development Business Unit

Energy Efficiency Label

Test Benches ready to get the Energy Efficiency Label (EEL) and compliance with IEC 61591, EN30, EN2248