Pre-Series is the most reliable solution for all companies that in fast delivery, need prototypes in small low price lots in soft or hard tooling, or high quality micro-production, made with skills and technology as a “Mechatronic Atelier”. The benefit of interfacing with a single interlocutor in the various stages of mechanical processing up to the assembly of the components, allows our customers to cut production times every day and take advantage of competitive prices: contact us for a quick estimate.

From mechanical works to the production of small batches, from heat treatments to surface treatments, from coating to the creation of prototypes and pre-series, and Printed Circuit Board (PCBs ), up to the assembly of components, 3P Engineering is also able to offer micro-production at competitive prices, which stands out in the market for its accuracy. The 3P internal workshop is equipped to perform CAD / CAM / CNC mechanical work but also complex parts in a brief period, thanks to mechanical tools and a 5-axis vertical service workshop for milling and turning, 5-axis wire EDM, micro-drilling machine, lathes and milling machines with numerical control, as well as injection molding machines, which reduces the number of positions and the operator’s interventions, speeding up the delivery time considerably. The saving of working time is also obtained in the subtractive rapid prototyping procedure: thanks to the distinctive skills and the quality Equipment, 3P proceeds directly with the milling of the model. By avoiding the construction of the mold, it is possible to save considerable time and costs, while guaranteeing impeccable output in the prototyping of metal and polymer components by removing material. Furthermore, aesthetic / functional results of absolute importance are pursued in the micro-production realizations, thanks to the injection molding machines for the molding of plastic materials. You may request an estimate to find out the benefits of choosing 3P Engineering.

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    A range of cutting-edge machineries to guarantee the most sophisticated production technology: subtractive milling and turning, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, injection molding, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), routing and PCB prototyping, up to the assembly of components. Find out the complete offer of the Pre-Series Business Unit of 3P Engineering.

    Continuous 5-axis vertical service center with turning mode. The machine is equipped with a milling spindle (rotation speed: 18000 rpm), able to perform all operations with rotating tools, and a rotary table able to perform the positioning of the piece, or the rotation of the same up to 1100 rpm

    5-axis wire EDM, allows you to cut materials with the use of a potential difference between wire and workpiece. It is able to perform cuts of programmed 3D contours, even with variable inclination

    Machine for the realization of holes with diameter from 0.2 to 3 mm, with the use of a potential difference between electrode and workpiece. Required to make holes that cannot be made by mechanical tools

    2-axis CNC lathe, with the possibility of performing the turning operations on the rotating piece. It is able to realize forms of revolution

    Measurement machine in a controlled environment, for the survey of geometric units

    A special arm for measuring dimensions on objects with a complex shape.

    Injection molding machine for molding thermoplastic materials.

    Injection molding machine for the molding of thermoplastic materials.

    2-axis CNC lathe, with the possibility to perform turning operations on the rotating piece. Able to realize forms of revolution.

    2-axis CNC lathe, with the possibility to perform turning operations on the rotating piece. Able to realize forms of revolution.

    – Model materials: PLA, ABS, ASA, PC-ABS
    – Support material: Soluble support
    – Maximum build size: 35.5 x 25.4 x 35.5 cm (14 “x 10” x 14 “)
    – Material delivery: 4 material spool bays: 2 for model, 2 for support located in a drawer on the front of the unit

    – up to 145x145x175 mm build volume, with 25 microns layer thickness on the Z axis, and 250 mW laser, to print parts in high resolution with smooth surfaces and incredible details
    – the resin tank is heated to guarantee a stable and suitable environment to print high quality parts
    – the innovative automatic resin mixing system avoids the deposition of particles and residues into the resin which can create problems during the printing process
    – touch screen to preview the models to print
    – wireless Wi-Fi connection to monitor the 3D printing process in real time through the 3D Dashboard application even from smartphones

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    Fast delivery at competitive prices

    A quality partner for quick mechanical works at the best market prices

    Functional prototypes

    Complete service for the realization of functional prototypes that integrate the most modern CAD / CAM / CNC and rapid tooling technologies, creating electronic boards, hardware and assembly


    Prototypes in pre-series or pre-production of components of a prototype already built: the flexibility of 3P Engineering is maximum in every processing phase


    Small low price and high-quality micro-production lots: Pre-Series identifies and creates the best solutions for every need

    Cutting-edge technology

    Variety of available technologies and advanced equipment to combine a technical approach every day with the best interpretation of the requirements of our customers

    Cross skills

    Know-how and synergies with 3P Business Units: Testing Laboratory, Test Bench, and Product Development