Awards & Winning Projects

3P Engineering started to receive awards in 2002, with the birth of the company and the first place in the “E-Capital” Business Competition. Since 2002, the successes of 3P Engineering have been uninterrupted, likewise in networks with leading companies in the market. As a highly qualified partner, 3P Engineering plays the role of a “competence center” every day, thanks to its ability to perform applied research on technology, translating it into innovation of products and services, which represent the new frontier of solutions for Industry 4.0

Find out the most important prizes and winning projects awarded to 3P Engineering

Active Shell

Project for the realization of an active shell for the energy requalification of commercial and industrial structures in buildings with zero impact.

Brevetti+ e Brevetti+2

3P is selected to receive funding to encourage companies to file patents, trademarks, to protect and enhance the results of research in the field of Green Energy and renewable energy.


Innovative pilot plant design to optimize costs for the management of chicken manure and pollution produced by pollen, according to the circular economy paradigm. Go to site


First Prize awarded to the Staprose Mechanical Engineering Project aimed at making molds for laser synthesizers

E-festo 4.0

Projects based on a new technology of gas cooktop with high-efficiency pressurized burners and native digital control system, with automated assembly line and industrialization of the components.    

Green Breeze

Project for the development of an innovative air movement system for the reduction of energy consumption and the environmental sustainability of products for air intake and cleaning.


Project of revolutionary gas hob for campers, caravans and yachts, with ultramodern design and innovative technology based on stoichiometric combustion.

Seal of Excellence

Seal of Excellence awarded to 3P within Horizon 2020, for the “Zero-Fowl” project.


Assistive Network Technologies in Support of REsidial Autonomy Projects in the Third Age.


Project for the implementation of a new cooktop with a free installation, high energy efficiency, low environmental impact and innovative.

Valore Lavoro

Award for good business in the Marche Region: with public recognition, 3P is selected among the production companies that produce development opportunities for the company through concrete projects.


Research project for the development of an innovative free standing cooktop (in progress project with M-Stekio).