Multi-Tasking Milling/ Turning Machines

Equipped to perform mechanical machining CNC / CAM, 3P Engineering workshop is provided with the most advanced machine tools and a 5x center vertical machining for milling (Mazak Variaxis 630-5X-II-T with clamping system zero point Schunk and the CAM software Hypermill by Open Mind). The realization of complex details in competitive times is guaranteed by the ability of 3P Engineering to reduce the number of placements and the operator’s interventions.

• 5x milling
• Horizontal and vertical turning up to diameter 600 mm
• Zero point

The mechanical workshop of 3P Engineering performs precision mechanical turning, also for parts of large dimensions achievable by ours CNC machines. 3P Engineering carries out works of turning on metals and we are able to make both small-medium and small productions single sample pieces.

• Turning up to diameter 400 mm